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Corey Davis grew up in Mississippi at the end of a pig trail road located on the banks of the Tenn-Tom waterway. Living a stone’s throw away from his grandparents, as his closest neighbors, he grew up working alongside his dad and granddad in the fields to harvest the next meal and drawing water from a nearby well. 


Corey knows the true meaning of rural living and growing up in a small town; a lifestyle and upbringing that shaped the core of his sturdy character. Having lived through, and survived in, tough times, Corey learned the most important life values (respect, discipline, integrity and love for God); values that resonate as the forefront of his music as wide-open and fearless.


Recognizing first-and-foremost his father (who was a talented musician and performer in his own right) as his biggest influence in life and in music, followed by Merle Haggard as a country music trendsetter, Corey’s traditional upbringing and outlaw style translates honestly in his songwriting. The self-taught guitar player and drummer’s contemplative, quiet and reserved demeanor enlivens under the stage spotlights like gunpowder and lead with a raw vibrance that explodes with authenticity.

Corey’s debut single, “Beer And The Bible” is the title track from his six-song CD anticipated in October 2023 and is illustrative of storyteller’s knack for delivering simplistic and realistic lyrics that paint a crystal clear picture from a truthful perspective as his signature.






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